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~Ash Systems~
Specialty Parts fabricated for the abrasive nature of Ash Handling Systems....

Pumpcoat's expertise in metal fabrication & coating enables us to replicate many ash handling parts as well as refurbish & strengthen ones already in service.

Ash by nature is abrasive and corrosive. Pumpcoat has had a lot of success developing coatings specifically engineered to take the harsh conditions of ash handling systems.

Slide gates refurbished with our specialty coating for a local coal-burning power plant have outlasted the OEM parts by 3 years and are still in service.

Typical Ash Handling parts we service & fabricate:

    • Tear-drop & other type Valves
    • Slide, Knife & other Gates
    • Seats
    • Actuator parts
    • Screws
    • Ash piping
    • Conveyors
    • Pulverizer parts

Pumpcoat also has several pump offerings that are excellent for high heat or corrosive applications like ash settling ponds! Please see our pumps page or call us for a recommendation.

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